What happened to motivate me to give my life for these goals?

Passion for this work is deeply rooted in my own home loss while severely handicapped and battling a very unethical insurance company. I almost lost my life and the insurance company had a choice in that.

Our legal system failed to provide the justice I deserved because in our legal system, it is not the person who is right that wins, it is the participant with the most money.

Here’s evidence of how bad insurance and our court system is in helping disaster survivors during their greatest hour of need.

In this situation the insurance company cost everyone more than I asked for, than if they had done the right thing to begin with.  (I could share with you MORE video evidence of my distress and the severity of my handicap, but it would scar you like George Floyd’s death if you watched that.  So ask if you must know, but you are warned.)

Instead of exposing this corruption, I chose in the face of declining resources from government and insurance, to channel my energy into giving people better recovery options to recover their prior quality of life as quickly as possible.

Who is the curator of this project?

My name is Kimberly Carr.  I have a graduate education in business and engineering from 2 top schools in France, thanks to an ambassadorial scholarship through Rotary International.  I have always valued community service, resourcefulness, and give a strong work-ethic to any situation I give my time to.

This is the first time I have opened up about my story to the public.

I made this video for an application I gave for the Obama Fellowship program. This was filmed on the 1 year anniversary of the #ValleyFire of 2015, near ground zero of the firestorm.

In 2015 I began to channel my energy and expertise into researching the recovery experience from the largest firestorms in California history. I documented everything from the initial evacuation to re-population: the cleanup, the rebuild, the chaos, the hyperbole, and the empty promises.

As a result, I have identified choices we can make to dramatically improve outcomes.  Not only can we save the country billions of dollars in recovery, but we can also aid in creating faster healing of lives damaged by disaster.

Nothing about disaster recovery is easy, but it can be easier.

With your help, we can empower disaster survivors with better options for their Journey Home AGAIN.

Building Resilience (Financially and Environmentally)