Ways to Help

Here are Some Options to Help or Connect

    1. Personal Fundraiser (PAYPAL LINK) Your kind donations will be used to pursue this action plan: (LINK(If 501c3 status is important for donations, I can offer that option up to a limited amount from a COVID aid project I financed and I can be reimbursed for those costs.) 
    2. Send a Letter to Ellen DeGeneres to Nominate Me for Help (LINK) She is a very special person to me who sometimes helps people in need.  It would really brighten my day more than you can imagine!
    3. Request a Presentation For Your Social Group (LINK)  Find out what I have learned about about biotoxins and what you can do to have a healthier home and body.  I (((promise))) it will be packed with excellent information.  (And I hope that additional visibility will help me obtain the resources I need for recovery.)

With Your Support… This is My Plan

Overall, my personal plan is to move directly to my replacement home, since interim housing in my condition would increase the stress of managing this transition and I’m at the limits of my capacity now.

Alternatively, I could live in a interim place, while leaving my things here as they are, but I cannot pay rent on 2 places.  Keep in mind I have to separate stuff into what  I can keep and cannot, so this is not a simple move.  Once I am relocated then I can begin medical treatment.

I’m trying to be smart in handling this situation.  I invested the past 3 months into understanding how NOT to end up in another home that will make me sick and the medical process for recovery.

Recovery will take about 2 years, with a dramatic improvement expected within 2-3 months of moving out.

ALL kindness is profoundly appreciated.  Not just for me, but for each person this project touches!

My success in helping people with this hard earned wisdom is my why to live and to do something useful that is within my ability.

Thank you for visiting and any kindness in word or deed.