How to Vote in 2020 ~ Good luck!

There is less than 2 weeks left to register to vote in some states and last chance to vote is November 3rd (36 days away). This year is going to be more difficult to vote than in most other democracies due to difficulties with the post office and COVID.

This article covers easy ways on how to register, check status, vote by mail or vote in person. Social science proves that if you make a specific plan of when and where, you will stick to doing it. So if you are voting during this epic period in US history, I hope this information helps during because it feels like we are living in the Twilight Zone. (Read more below)


  • Overview of the registration laws and status by state (LINK)
  • Registration deadlines in all 50 states (LINK)

Check your registration BEFORE voting.

  • Registration status can be found here. (LINK)

OPTION 1 – This website is created by the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) and offers the following
Register to Vote
Voter Registration Status
Find Your Polling Place
Valid Forms of ID
Absentee and Early Voting
Overseas Voters
Election Officals Directory
Become a Poll Worker

OPTION 2 – is a nonprofit that was originally founded as Long Distance Voter in 2008. It has a bit of a head start on NASS and performs many of the same functions.
Check your Registration
Register to Vote
Vote by Mail
Polling Place Locator
Become a Poll Worker
Fill out your 2020 Census (deadline changed to Oct 5??)

Check your voting calendar.

  • In most states, you can vote early, even if you’re voting in person. (LINK)

Vote by mail (Absentee ballot)

  • Overview of the voting rules (LINK)
  • Online form to request a mail-in ballot (aka absentee ballot) (LINK)

Avoid your ballot being thrown out.

  • Historically, mail ballots are rejected much more often than in-person ballots (although some states are taking steps to reduce rejection rates this year). You should pay careful attention to your state’s rules for returning a ballot. In Pennsylvania, for example, you must enclose it in two envelopes. In North Carolina, a witness must sign your ballot. Ignore these rules, and your vote may be thrown out. (LINK)
  • To meet your state’s deadline for mail-in ballots, the safest bet is to vote as soon as you know which candidates you support. If you live in one of the many states with drop-off locations, you may want to visit one of them rather than mailing in the ballot due to problems with the postal service. (LINK)

Vote in person.

  • Postal Service delays are happening now and will get worse. Messaging may have to shift toward in-person voting as elections get closer. In many places, voting in person during the pandemic appears to be about as safe as going to the grocery store — low risk but not no risk. Many states are taking measures, like spacing out voting booths, to increase safety. Check to see what is happening where you live. (LINK)

Check your status AFTER voting.

  • Most states will also let you track the status of completed mail ballots. By tracking before the voting deadline, you might be able to fix a disqualified ballot. (LINK)


  • If you want to volunteer this year for the election, OutVote might be a good resource for you. Since Trump spammed every email in America he could find, we do need a bit more balance in the electronic communications space and this is a great opportunity to do so, with permission. (LINK)

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