COVID-19 Tips


I created this page because I am one of those people at risk due to impaired breathing. I hope what I learn helps you. The contents provided will change as the situation evolves.

For the fall update on researched advice on

  • Sept 14 – COVID-19 and West Coast Fires (CLICK HERE)
  • Sept 26 – West coast smoke, COVID safe Halloween ideas, How to help frontline workers, Voting in 2020 (CLICK HERE)
  • Nov 28 – Ideas for your health and well-being, financial resilience and info on vaccine and stats. (CLICK HERE)

Below are links that will remain unchanged thru pandemic:

  • National news links
  • Butte County, California news links
  • Outbreak status links

National News Links

  • The New York Times (LINK) – I recommend subscribing to their daily briefing digest on COVID-19
  • Doug Levy (LINK) – A highly experienced freelance journalist in healthcare and crisis communications.  Publishes a daily email on COVID-19, like the NYT.
  • Kaiser Health News (LINK) – An editorially independent program of the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco that covers national health issues.
  • Washington Post (LINK)
  • The Atlantic (LINK)
  • Voice of America (LINK)

Butte County, California News Links

  • State of California Advisory Website (LINK) I definitely recommend a visit.
  • ActionNews regional TV news (LINK)
  • Enterprise Record local paper (LINK)
  • Butte County public health department (LINK)

How to fight corona virus misinformation (LINK) Anxiety is viral. Be patient, kind, deliberate, and fact-based. More people will listen and be helpful.

Nuts ~ (An old but good link)

Outbreak Status Links

  • Center for Disease Control (LINK)
  • Outbreak statistics (LINK) (LINK)

If you have any suggestions to add please contact me.
I want to offer hope and good cheer to everyone I know to offer comfort for us all.
Wishing you well, Kimberly

Building Resilience (Financially and Environmentally)