Newsletter Updates Related to COVID-19

  • 5/17/20: Graphics you may have never seen before on how virus is spreading, warm weather impact on virus spread, important info on keeping clean and safe as well as my personal reflections on an epic disaster. (LINK HERE)
  • 4/26/20: Links to follow trending data and as well as how to offer support to our front line workers. (LINK HERE)
  • 4/19/20: Great news links, inspiring stories and something funny. (LINK HERE) done
  • 4/12/20: Easter Sunday concert from Milan and other inspiration for you day specific to COVID-19. (LINK HERE)

The following was the most popular link…. and still might be helpful.

  • 4/6/20: Financial options for individuals and business advice to adapt your business to the evolving landscape. (LINK HERE)

Building Resilience (Financially and Environmentally)