How wildfire smoke affects your lungs. (Please protect yourself!)

UPDATE 09/28/20: With current events, you might want to know fire and air quality status ! THIS IS THE LINK (Glad visitors find this helpful!)

According to a research estimate at Stanford University, between 1,200 and 3,000 deaths have occurred from smoke in California between August 1 – September 1. This DOES NOT include estimates from the fires in September along the ENTIRE west coast! At risk populations are “infants and children, people aged 55 years and older, pregnant individuals and those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions.” For details about the research visit this (LINK).

Fire season doesn’t normally end in California til December.¬† As an experienced next responder behind the front lines of 5 years of firestorms, I personally experienced lung funk that lasted til the following spring after several fires. Symptoms will overlap with COVID, so front line workers are going to treat you as COVID-19 positive until otherwise determined. And of course getting COVID-19 with smoke lung funk will complicate recovery.

You may be curious biologically about what happens with smoke inhalation. This is what I learned:

"Wildfire smoke has over 400 toxins associated with it that enter the body through the lungs and can be absorbed into the blood... In the blood, these toxins can activate the immune system and platelets and the lining of blood vessels. When this happens, the inflammation can induce clots which lodge in the heart or the brain vessels and cause heart attacks or strokes."

The fire season in California is not over until the first rain, which could be as late as December. If you think you are a high risk category, you might consider picking up an air purifier, like I did at Home Depot for $150. It does offer a little peace of mind. And depending on how it is used, it can help with COVID-19.

Here’s some helpful links to consider, if shopping for a unit:

  • Rationale on usefulness of a HEPA filtration device (LINK)
  • Guidance on purchasing one (LINK)
  • Consumer report ratings (Please take cleaning advice seriously¬† because hospital HVAC techs have died from servicing HEPA filters used by COVID patients.) (LINK)

You might be interesting in looking at current air quality and fire status, which can be found at this (LINK)

About the author: I’m a fire survivor who is trying to take the wisdom I acquired and turn it into a gift for the future. I sincerely hope that my effort to create a valuable legacy will be successful.

Currently I’m in a beach town in San Luis Obispo to escape the smoke. It’s been 6 weeks I’ve been gone from the Paradise/Chico area due to the fires. For the kind subscribers who helped with my hotel costs, THANK YOU!

To any that would still like to help, it would be gleefully appreciated. (PayPal Link). However please know that what I offer is a gift from the heart, unconditionally, so I hope you enjoy it. Kind words and feedback actually sustain me more than money to get up every day and keep trying. =) (Email link)

I have specific resiliency plans for displaced disaster survivors which is unique. I sincerely hope for the energy and time invested, that I am successful in doing this. ~ Time will tell!

Wishing you well. ~ Kimberly Carr

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