RVMatchMaker Expense Reimbursement

I’ve been quite determined to make a gift from my tragic experiences to help others who are vulnerable.  It is this idea that always creates the life force that keeps me going in the face of such extreme tragedy.

I have explored several different ways I can be of service to others as follows:

  1. Creating a model of a home that offers financial and environmental resiliency in fire prone areas (Stopped due to COVID)
  2. To offer crowd sourced RVs which protect the most vulnerable against biological threats, (Too sick and compromised to execute, but contains a huge body of work available for future use.)
  3. And now starting to create educational presentations on identifying and mitigating biological threats in our homes and our bodies. (Click here for more details.)

By sharing our gifts with each other, no matter how humble, we can help each other live our best life.

Due to what happened after moving in February of 2021, I was unable to continue nurturing the potential of RVMatchMaker and we closed the project in May of 2021.

These are expenses that I’d love to be reimbursed so I can use that money for moving.  501C3 receipt available to the limit of the amount requested.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

This is a message below was created after the 2020 west coast firestorms, while I was in a hotel looking for housing before Christmas.
Below is an anesthesiologist who was my inspiration to serve families like hers when the project began.