Request an Immunity Booster Presentation for Your Social Group


I am living in a water damaged home that has made me very sick.  There is a serious lack of education and understanding about the impact this situation has on health.

Toxins of any sort can lead to chronic inflammation and immune system dysfunction.  What I am experiencing is according to experts far worse than long COVID.

For three months I took a deep dive into understanding how to avoid water damaged buildings in the future and what it is going to take to recover.  I participated in two week long medical summits with over 70 medical professionals and researched the advice of specific thought leaders.  — The result is the presentation that I have to offer.

I do not have the physical strength or the financial means for moving and recovery.  With the limited life energy I have, the best action I feel I can do is to share this hard earned wisdom to help others thrive and hopefully in doing so, gain the visibility I need to survive.

And honestly…. I need a reason to want to survive this.  Helping others is my reason… and you can help make that possible.

I know it’s a challenging time for social clubs because of masks and vaccination policies.  I invite you to consider that this is the best time for a speaker like me to present to your club and that you will find it highly valuable.

Outline of Presentation

  • Getting to your why so that you are motivated to act.  Start with survey of situational awareness
  • Set the foundation with basic principle of biotoxins:  What are biotoxins, Impact on health, How to recognize YOUR toxic exposure sources
  • Part 1: The environment: How to maintain a healthy home
  • Part 2: Your body: What does treatment and prevention look like?
  • Conclusion and Q&A

I recommend 45 minutes, but I can adjust the timing and material to fit the time frame for your situation.  As the presentation becomes more polished, I can separate the content into learning modules for a deeper learning experience over several sessions, if desired.

What I invested into this learning helps me as much as it does you because this information is hard to come by.  I paid too high a price to learn it and what I’m teaching I feel should be part of a child’s education, so they will make better choices earlier in life.

What I’m teaching can reverse Alzheimer’s while impairment is still moderate. (This is disease often caused by toxic exposures according to experts successfully reversing it.)

Booking and Availability

For more information please contact Kim Carr at (4I5)94I-94O9 or preferably, send an email to schedule a conversation (LINK).

I need you to know that I won’t care about surviving unless other people can benefit from what I can teach about bio-toxin illness.  If I knew 15 years ago what I know, it would have dramatically changed the course of my life.

Forget that worn out phrase about the oxygen mask…  It so cliche and even upsets me.  —> Instead I invite you to think about the psychology of profound loss of a loved one or significant loss of personal vitality, permanently.  —>  It’s a very normal reaction to channel profound grief into something that makes the world a better place for us all.

For more information and booking availability, please contact Kim Carr at (4I5)94I-94O9 or send an email to schedule a conversation.