Paradise Community Guild Presentation

Community is not formed by a place, but by the shared experiences, caring and camaraderie.    Life keeps surprising us, but we are still here sharing space in time from near and far which delights me.

What I’m sharing with you is important because:

  1. What I’m going to share with you can improve your health, which is your greatest wealth.  And I think part of what keeps bringing us together is our pursuit of a healthier and happier life within our community.  I love that you are the first group I’m sharing this wisdom with and I hope to bring it to Rotary and other clubs. 
  2. Another important reason for doing this is because my life is at risk and I need help.  I am in a toxic home that is making me very ill and I don’t have the capacity to move and finance medical recovery by myself.   With these debilitating limitations, I’m using the power of my voice and hard earned wisdom to increase visibility to receive help and to teach people valuable lessons from this experience.

If you feel what I share is valuable, please help connect me to other clubs.  Please see contact options at the bottom of this page.

This presentation will cover:

  • Getting to your why so that you are motivated to act. 
  • Set the foundation with basic principles about biotoxins.
  • Improving health habits for detoxification.

Getting to your why so that you are motivated to act

Start with survey of situational awareness among group members.

Set the foundation with basic principles about toxins

What are biotoxins?

When there is water damage there is other biologically active critters present which include bacteria.  According to experts the bacterial impact on your health can be even worse than mold.

Learn about common toxins found in home and body by viewing the report from my home and body. (LINK)

Impact on health

A doctor cannot treat co-infections while the patient is living in mold from a building with active water damage because the body is too burdened. 

To successfully detox takes time because the holes in your bucket have a limited capacity to drain. 

Sometimes the body is so burdened the detox organs slow down and function less efficient under a heavy burden.

If toxins keep being added to your bucket, it will flow over and that is when you get VERY sick.

Co-infections may have been laying dormant in your body because your immune system successfully fought them off.  But…. once your immune system bucket is full, all hell breaks loose.

Some toxins will hurt your body more than others, for example mycotoxins from stachybotris (a common indoor mold with severe water damaged buildings) is so potent that it has been used many times in warfare!

For me this is what biotoxin illness looks like:

  1. Lyme disease symptoms appeared.  VERY COMMON.  This is a typical co-infection that can lie dormant your entire life.  This is usually confirmed with testing after getting out of mold.
  2. Tachycardia and low oxygen saturation.  Irregular heartbeats are using up my electrolytes.   Results in excessive thirst I can’t control because my kidneys can’t effectively detox.  I wake up in pain every day because of this and it depletes me energetically.
  3. Brain fog.  #%^$#@^%@  This is the worst symptom to control.  It affects everything I do.
  4. Damaged mitrochondria.  Results in chronic fatigue and weakened muscles.  Takes significant time to recover from activities, so I have to plan my time carefully.  It is very limiting.
  5. Hormones disrupted.  I have massive uterine fibroids the size of a 2 liter coke bottle pushing on my lungs.  Apparently because of prior toxin exposure, probably from firestorms, my body has produced excess estrogen which resulted in this medical problem.  Could become cancerous if not controlled.  The toxins in my home make the problem much worse.
  6. Demyelination of nerves.  Slight tremors and reduction in muscle strength.  Stachybotris, the mold mycotoxin used in warfare does this.

This is just the beginning of the whack-a-mole symptoms which are least 2 dozen, some of which come and go, some are constant.  This is VERY COMMON with immune system dysfunction and chronic inflammation. 

The fibroids are the size of 2 of these bottles!  (This bottle is 1 liter.)

How to recognize YOUR toxic exposure sources

We don’t have time to cover this, but please visit this link to consider all your sources.  Please eliminate as many as you can, so when unavoidable events fill your immune system bucket, you are better prepared to deal with it! (LINK)

Improving health habits for detoxification

There are many things you can do. 

Head over to this (LINK) to learn more on supporting the flow of your detoxification from your own body.

Links for follow up:

  1. Request a Presentation on Preventing Toxic Illness For Your Social Group
  2. Ways to Help
  3. My Action Plan for Recovery
  4. Questions or Suggestions