Why Live02 Should Be in Every Home…

You might wonder why I’d endorse Live02 as part of my action plan for recovery from toxins, because I have limited resources and it is beyond my current financial means.

Besides good diet and sleep, the next most important choice I can make is Live02.  LiveO2 provides an adaptive contrast oxygen supply to the body while using a stationary exercise machine.

While exercising at a targeted capacity and wearing an oxygen mask the system is switched between oxygen rich air and oxygen poor air. This is done under precisely controlled conditions which stimulates the body to uptake a greater amount of oxygen into the blood. 

It works as follows in 3 stages:

  1. Maximize steady state blood flow to the brain exerting on oxygen reduced air
  2. Sprint to create a temporary maximum in blood flow volume
  3. Switch to oxygen rich air during the sprint to create a maximum in blood oxygen concentration during the temporary maximum in blood flow volume

Unlike traditional exercise options or hyperbaric oxygen chambers, Live02 has the capacity to blow open vascular pathways that are dying or are at extremely low capacity.  Increased blood flow will increase oxygenation and carry away toxins.  This is extremely critical for the brain to function at its best capacity.

Cognitive improvements are measurably significant.  Below is a chart from one of the company’s videos.

Alzheimer treatment centers and doctors are using Live02 as a key tool in their attempt to reverse cognitive decline, with good success.  Marama in Southern California is an example of one of their happy clients.

Here is a technical explanation of how it works (key point at starting at 4m15)

To learn more about this system, please visit the Live02 website.

Please note, this equipment should be used while living in a toxic home for two reasons:  (1) increased respiration of toxins inside the building (2) possible contamination of the equipment that could be difficult to remove.