Learn how to quickly acquire and store the precious Vitamin D to fight toxins. ~ Lesson #4

Vitamin D is FAR MORE critical than most people imagine for detox and pain management. It is a steroid pro-hormone that regulates the body’s calcium and phosphate levels in bone mineralization. It is commonly known as a fat-soluble vitamin which plays an important role in immuno-modulation, regulation of cytokines, and cell proliferation. (Reference)

The article below was written by a valued subscriber in our community, Joseph Andrews. (Thank you!) After retiring as an engineer, he ran a large public organic farm in Oregon.  He now runs a private farm in southern California for the benefit of his family.  The rest of this article is written in his voice.

Most people don’t get enough sunshine vitamin D, yet it is the most important constituent to overall health and the immune system, especially for the elderly. I have observed among 40 people in my family and associates who got COVID, nobody was hospitalized.   However, the individual who had it worst was vitamin D deficient.

Like most Americans, you could be suffering from vitamin D deficiency which can cause daily aches, pain, fatigue, bone loss, depression, worsens serious illness and weakens the immune system. Unfortunately, in today’s world the simplest and least expensive solutions are often overlooked!

Here’s a video which presents the importance of vitamin D.
The sun is the best source for vitamin D which lasts over twice as long in the body compared to supplements. Plus there are many other photo nutrients from sun exposure yet to be understood by scientists.

Side note by website manager:  Our body converts cholesterol in our body to create vitamin D. Link for more info.

To get your daily does simply expose as much of your bare skin as possible (without sunscreen). There is a lot more risks from inadequate sun than possible excessive sun!

The sun also can heal spiritually. My most powerful meditations have been while sun bathing. I usually spend about 30 to 40 minutes sunbathing and meditating every day and it has rejuvenated me.

What really surprised me was the euphoria I felt after doing this practice regularly.  That is when I discovered that this practice is actually helpful in treating opioid addiction.

According to this article in SciTech Daily (LINK), exposure to UV rays (specifically the form called UVB) causes the skin to produce the hormone endorphin, which is chemically related to morphine, heroin and other opioids.  In fact these all activate the same receptors in the brain.  It is also important to note that Vitamin D deficiency plays a huge role in opioid addiction. (Reference)

Factors that will affect your natural vitamin D absorption are:

  • Age.  Older people require up to 3 times more time required than younger people
  • Skin tone.  The higher amount of melatonin (darker skin) takes more time
  • Location / Latitude.  The further aware from equator more time needed
  • Time of year.  Depth of winter more time needed
  • Amount of skin exposed.
  • Level of cloudiness.

Goal: 10-30 minutes, 3 times a week.

Here is a video that demonstrates the different factors mentioned above.

To make this guesswork easier, I use an application to calculate the optimal time of day in my location to acquire vitamin D naturally.   It also tracks over time how much vitamin D I have acquired.  The application is called Dminder and can be found through the creator’s website. (Available only on Apple and Android enabled devices.)

I definitely feel so much better and wish more people, like you, could benefit from this regular health practice in your life.

~ Wishing you well, Joseph Andrews
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