How our body processes toxins ~ Lesson #1

Learning how we our body processes toxins is where this educational series begins.  Eliminating this risk from our home and bodies as a result of an infestation is one of the most challenging experiences a person can have.  I hope sharing this journey will help you life your healthiest life possible.

About 1 in 4 people have excessive mold in their home from water damage. If you are one of those people, I guarantee it is affecting your ability to thrive.

In the mildest form you will have allergies and headaches and in the most severe form you will have neuropathy, dementia, joint pain or even worse, cancer. I was further shocked to find that treatment of this condition is similar to Lyme disease and long COVID.

Why is this low hanging fruit to better health not talked about very much? (1) Because no insurance company will cover building and content loss, unless it is a sudden damage event (2) Homeowners know this affects their property values and so it often becomes their dirty little secret. (3) Our Western medical system is embarrassingly incompetent to handle medical problems requiring holistic evaluation and treatment because they handle symptoms, not causes.

I’m trying to be tough and optimistic as I move through this. And I hope to ultimately to find the gift in it for myself and others.

On this landing page you will find

  1. the prevalence of mold around us,
  2. an extreme scenario of infestation for comparison,
  3. an autopsy discussion on how our body processes toxins, 
  4. an overview of how our immune system works.

Why is Mold So Hard to Kill?

Let’s begin here by acknowledging the role of mold in our lives.  Note that the roots of mold (hyphea) once embedded are very hard to remove.  If you see mold, it’s already VERY deeply embedded in the material.

It is EXTREMELY important to know that the mycotoxins produced by mold is dangerous.  Mold produces toxins to outcompete other organisms.  Getting those mycotoxins out of your environment is extremely difficult as you will later learn, so controlling mold growth to begin with is job #1.

Side note: Augur dishes are NOT the tool you want to evaluate your home.  You would do a dust wipe test called ERMI which is available from MycoMetrics or Envirobinomics.

The Hidden Dangers of Mold Exposure

Mold is everywhere. Spores of certain types in high number is dangerous for you health, especially indoors. Mold produces mycotoxin gasses that usually have no odor. You may or may not have visual cues that it even exists in your home.

This video is reflective of what happens during a very serious infestation.

Side note: Running to live in the desert is NOT a solution, but it is a common reaction to this environmental trauma.  ANY indoor living environment in ANY climate can become infested.

How Does Your Body DeTox?

Alcohol is a toxin and the route it takes to permeate the body and be eliminated is similar to other toxins, like those from mold spores. This is why for example some people passed out after getting their second COVID-19 shot, including one of RVMatchMaker’s interns who lives with mold in her home. Our theory is that her body was already taxed with detoxing. The symptoms she experienced were exactly like alcohol poisoning.

If you aren’t squeamish by looking at preserved anatomy, you will find this extremely fascinating to see the miracle of how our body works.

The Structure of the Human Immune System and How it Functions

(2:22 Barrier 16:36 Adaptive 22:21 Innate vs Adaptive)

This video is EXTREMELY technical, so it won’t be that engaging for all.  However, if you want to have an idea of how our bodies handle all the incredible challenges faced on a daily basis, this can be helpful.

Stay Tuned for Future Lessons

Future newsletters will explain why the longer the water damage festers the worse the outcome. I will also share how to look for signs of a water damaged building, health tips, improving indoor air quality, digitizing documents, and more.

These are lessons that will help ANY immuno-compromised person or any one wishing to live their best life possible without brain fog or other symptoms from toxins in your environment and body.

Here is an index of topics on this subject that will be updated with each new series of lessons offered.

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