List of Topics on my Mold Recovery Journey

Recovering from a water damaged building is very challenging journey because avoidance is the primary means of recovery.

That is not easy when spores are planted in your books, bed and other daily objects you use from living in a contaminated environment.  The body must also be treated for a full recovery, even though a dramatic recovery is seen after leaving the space permanently.

This educational series does NOT cover remediation of the home itself, but will cover how to evaluate the likely health of the home and ideas to help keep a normal fungal ecology in your living space.

Index of Lessons From My Mold Recovery Journey

  1. How our body processes toxins
  2. Learn what bio-toxins are
  3. How to make your air healthier to breathe
  4. Learn how to quickly acquire and store the precious Vitamin D to fight toxins.
  5. Highlights from Conference on Chronic Inflammation & Mold

Stay Tuned for Future Lessons

Future newsletters will explain why the longer the water damage festers the worse the outcome. I will also share how to look for signs of a water damaged building, health tips, improving indoor air quality, digitizing documents, and more.

These are lessons that will help ANY immuno-compromised person or any one wishing to live their best life possible without brain fog or other symptoms from toxins in your environment and body.

Here is an index of topics on this subject that will be updated with each new series of lessons offered.

Please donate, if you can. I have a lot of expenses from medical, moving, and storage to replacement of damaged items. For any donation, I am offering you a mask lanyard as a thank you gift (LINK HERE).