Why am I doing this?

Inflammation of the immune system from environmental toxins results in multiple whack-a-mole like symptoms that if left untreated can lead to minor symptoms like asthma or headaches to serious inflammatory immune diseases like cancer, fibromyalgia and Alzheimers.

I rented a home that turned out to be very toxic.  There is a sewage leak that was concealed. Medical treatment and moving out of sick buildings like mine is expensive. Pursuing legal action for recovery of my damages with limited renter protections and no immediate payout for moving and medical, with no personal reserves to handle this is scaring the hell out of me.

The whack-a-mole like symptoms are numerous.  The most serious consequences have been the tachycardia and chronic low oxygenation levels that resulted in an ischemic attack (stroke) and hospitalization three weeks ago.  I have some memory loss as a result, which I hope is temporary.  (For recovery I need special medical equipment that I can’t afford called LiveO2 which is called exercise with oxygen therapy.  It should help a lot with oxygen perfusion!)

I am investing significant effort into researching why my home made me sick, how to not make this mistake again and to repair the damage caused to my body.  By teaching you what I learned, I can help you or someone you know AND accelerate my own recovery.

Most of the wisdom gathered came from over 70 doctors on environmental toxins, not paid by insurance. I will measure status before and after treatment and share my journey with supporters along the way.

Teaching others is the best tool for mastering a subject, and ultimately my own medical recovery.  I’m absolutely confident that this is a journey worth sharing for ALL of us.

By offering better education on the immune system, we can have more healthy, vibrant and productive communities.

This project is my ultimate act of love and leap of faith that by investing in the path, I made the right choice for recovery which matters for you, as much as it does for me.

Thank you for visiting.  Your presence is profoundly appreciated.

I'm hoping that as a result of this effort there is a better understanding of what environmental illness is, how to treat it and for people to have more compassion for those suffering with it.  

If people understood the brain fog, anxiety and other symptoms, this young man would still be alive today.

His story is a stunning clear example of what immune system illness looks like and the tragic consequences of people not understanding this illness.  

PSIf you would like to help, here is the link.