Why am I doing this?

My reasons for offering this presentation are aligned with what I wish for all of us, and my current abilities and resources:

  1. To turn this hard earned wisdom from my experience into a gift for others, so that they can live their best life.
  2. To obtain visibility for receiving help I need for medical and moving expenses.  (I have my voice, but not the means physically or financially.)
  3. I would be delighted to support a network of people who want to use their voice  or talent or resources to help protect people, especially renters, from the health risks of water damaged buildings. (Join newsletter to stay informed.)I am not naive to the fact that insurers and real estate investors have systemically profited enormously from investing in promoting junk science on the dangers of mold mycotoxins and paying defense at ALL costs to avoid liability for medical expenses and property damage claims. —I believe millions of people are subjected to health risks they and their doctors don’t understand.  By not disclosing water damage status of all buildings, we risk bankrupting Medicare with skyrocketing costs for cancer and Alzheimers in our aging population, while the private health insurers gathered profits on premiums from the working class and denying them a higher standard of care and education when their immune system dysfunction began.
    I’m going to spend my energy educating people on how to fortify their own personal immune defenses, but I will happily give love to those taking up the cause for healthier communities. These are some ideas I have thought about:

    • To improve health and safety disclosures for renters with highly specific questions on water damage events. (Informed choice of risk).
    • To improve health and safety by imposing code requirements for ventilation, exactly as imposed when built for the life of the building.  (Implied warranty of habitability).
    • To encourage real estate owners to certify a normal fungal ecology and have pride of ownership in their investments and the health of their community.  (Based on individual health status, people will go out of their way for this type of service.)

Life is too short to fight pirates that are seeking unethical profit in our legal system.  It is a financially unbalanced fight.  I sincerely hope in spite of them, we can help each other find a healthy way forward.

I need to believe that with enough education, and enough passionate, kind people that eventually we will win.

Let’s take action for what we want:

Maximum vibrancy though the entire lifespan and age with strength and wisdom to pass on to future generations by

  1. Reducing environmental toxins in our bodies, and
  2. Avoiding Medicare bankruptcy caused by avoidable, protracted end of life care by asking our current insurance and real estate industry members to better respond to sources of chronic inflammation through ((mediation)) and ((education)).