How you can help frontline workers and their communities

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a massive toll on healthcare workers and they need more than accolades as a hero, they need resources to be more resilient.

While they are fighting to obtain benefits for lost wages, medical bills and death benefits, county health officials who set the standards for safety protocols and economic re-opening are resigning, retiring or being fired in at least 15 states across the U.S.

These are problems that are too big for us to influence, but there (IS) something we can do to help health care workers and the surrounding community. We can offer crowdsourced RV housing to help them self-isolate after work. I founded a project to do this, which is now in pre-launch status.

Here is what you can do to help!

  1. We are seeking FT interns, PT volunteers and candidates for our non-profit board.
  2. We need RV storage in the bay area for our pilot project to loan to a front line worker. (Storage only, but if you want to host, let us know too!) (If you can’t offer a place, maybe you know someone who can?)

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We are seeking interns/volunteers and candidates for our non-profit board. 

  1. We currently have 4 interns and are seeking a few more with specific skill sets on a full time basis.  To learn more about the internships (CLICK HERE).
  2. If you would like to volunteer part time with social media and share post of offers for an RV or requests for one, that will also be very helpful. (CONTACT US HERE)
  3. If you would like to serve on our board, we are requesting a 5 hour a month minimum commitment.  We are seeking professionals with skills and wisdom in any of the following healthcare, media relations, fundraising, hr, accounting, nonprofit, and/or law.  To inquire, please (CONTACT US HERE)

We need RV storage in the Bay Area for our pilot project to loan to a front line worker.

The RV is coming from southern California.  We are seeking storage only, but if you want to host, let us know too!  We are currently negotiating an affordable RV insurance policy for front line workers.  Once we have that, we plan to do a pilot launch in the bay area before we scale.  Below is a picture of the RV we need to store.  If you can help (CONTACT US HERE)

An Introduction to RVMatchMaker

We have a long road to recovery.  By sharing wisdom, time and resources, no matter small, ads up collectively to a healthier and happier community.  To learn more about, please view the video below.

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About the author: I’m a fire survivor who is trying to take the wisdom I acquired and turn it into a gift for the future. I sincerely hope that my effort to create a valuable legacy will be successful.

Currently I’m in a beach town in San Luis Obispo to escape the smoke. It’s been 6 weeks I’ve been gone from the Paradise/Chico area due to the fires. For the kind subscribers who helped with my hotel costs, THANK YOU!

To any that would still like to help, it would be gleefully appreciated. (PayPal Link). However please know that what I offer is a gift from the heart, unconditionally, so I hope you enjoy it. Kind words and feedback actually sustain me more than money to get up every day and keep trying. =) (Email link)

I have specific resiliency plans for displaced disaster survivors which is unique. I sincerely hope for the energy and time invested, that I am successful in doing this. ~ Time will tell!

Wishing you well. ~ Kimberly Carr

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Since there was a lot to cover, I split the resiliency info into 4 pages:

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  2. How you can help frontline workers and their communities (CLICK HERE)
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