West Coast Fires – September 12, 2020

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What is West Coast fire status and where is smoke now?

For the past 5 years I’ve been behind the front lines of firestorms. I almost died in my own home loss and have strong ideas about improving outcomes in disasters. (More on this later.)

Links for current status and health

  • Smoke and fire (Earth satellite views) (Click on link for west coast fires)
  • Fire status (Zoom in tight to see latest fire activity)
  • National air quality
  • Wind flow (Current and forecasted)
  • CalFire (Reports daily approx. 7am & 7pm)
  • Evacuated? Need a hotel. Try this link.
  • Breathed in too much smoke? See news notes on “How do I protect myself indoors as fall approaches?here.
  • Fires on September 12, 2020 above 75,000 acres in western coastal states from north to south (See below)

(This is a photo from the NorthComplexFire near Oroville Damn.  Due to scale of disasters and time constraints I do not plan to update this section, unless circumstances warrant.)

Fires on September 12, 2020 above 75,000 acres in western coastal states from north to south

If evacuating, you could lose signal or battery. Update your voicemail with status and evacuation plans. Simple evacuation: pack loved ones, photos, computer and life saving medications.

This is a good link to look at reporting on any national fire incident.


Overall, Washington was hit hard and still has a lot of fire fighting to do, but they appear to be getting control on their fires quickly. #WAWildfire This is a very good link for Washington state.

On Twitter, click on “latest” rather “top”.


Their communication standards on social media have not been good and there is little centralized command that I could find.  Apparently the governor was trying to make this problem a priority to fix and I’m sure it will be now. #oregonwildfires #OregonFires2020

Much of the areas burning have very dense fuel. Overall they are feeling a lot of pain and chaos due to most of their general population living in proximity to the fires are along the I5 Corridor.

There top 3 fires listed below, south of Portland, are merging into a complex fire, which is very bad. #PDXFires #ClackamasWildfires #ClackamasFires

This evacuation map demonstrates how dire the situation is and there is no reported containment at the time of this evaluation.

Search by these hashtags and click on “latest” rather “top”.

Medford is doing better, with 50% containment, but like the rest of the state is suffering greatly due to air quality.

  • Hashtags/FireLocation Acres
  • #ArchieCreek (Alt: #AlmedaFire #ClackamasFires #RogueValleyFires) 115,949


For more details, follow the hashtags on Twitter.  Alternatively try this link for CalFire.or this link.

CalFire Managed Incidents

Federally Managed Incidents

#CastleFire jumped onto this list at 4pm today (9/12) Mandatory evacuations. This is also known as the #SQFComplex and is now much bigger than 68,000 acres.


About the author:  I’m a fire survivor who is trying to take the wisdom I acquired and turn it into a gift for the future.  I sincerely hope that this effort to create a valuable legacy will be successful.

Currently I’m in a beach town in San Luis Obispo to escape the smoke.  It’s been 6 weeks I’ve been gone from the Paradise/Chico area due to the fires.  For the kind subscribers who helped with my hotel costs, THANK YOU!

To any that would still like to help, it would be gleefully appreciated. (PayPal Link).  However please know that what I offer is a gift from the heart, unconditionally, so I hope you enjoy it.  Kind words and feedback actually sustain me more than money to get up every day and keep trying. =) (Email link)

I have specific resiliency plans for displaced disaster survivors which is unique. I sincerely hope the energy and time invested, I am successful in doing this. ~ Time will tell!

Wishing you well. ~ Kimberly Carr