Some concerned friends reached out to me and there seemed to be a trend in the questions asked.  They were glad they asked and  I figured you would have similar questions too.

Why are you publishing educational information and not 100% focused on getting out? 

  • I lack adequate physical and financial resources to move and to  recover medically from accumulated toxins.
  • Financial recovery for harm caused to me by my current home is a long legal battle, even with medical and environmental reports demonstrating the problems.  I don’t possess the energy required to endure arguing about that and finance my own transition and medical expenses.
  • With limited physical and mental capacity, using my voice and the lessons learned are the only tools I have for survival right now.
  • Besides, why fight a broken legal system that can cause me MORE harm, when I can possibly find recovery resources by helping other people with what I learned from this?
  • In addition to having a life purpose to create a better world for the people I share this planet with, I believe by teaching other others, I will have a more profound learning opportunity on how to get better and live a more vibrant life.

Why are you too impaired to manage this toxic situation yourself?

  • In addition to a brain and back injury caused by a drunk driver, I lost my home to a fire when I could not walk, then in the years that followed I had significant toxic exposure from volunteering after firestorms to make a dream come true to create a resiliency model.  I didn’t think the firestorm toxins were more than an irritant until my immune system finally had enough….  because I moved into a toxic building in 2021 with VERY significant water damage that was hidden. My immune system can’t handle any more assaults to it without permanent damage, which is happening.
  • Of note, I’m an orphan, so there is no family to help.  People like you would be like family to me to get through this and hopefully we all can make the world a better place to be.

Why take care of others before you take care of yourself?

  • By having love and support of people in this journey and helping others by sharing the wisdom from my experience, it gives me reason to live with purpose.
  • I invite you to think about the psychology of profound loss of a loved one or significant loss of personal vitality, permanently.  —>  It’s a very normal reaction to channel profound grief into something that makes the world a better place for us all.
  • Surviving the chain of events since the drunk driver changed my life was so horrifying that merely surviving was not acceptable.
  • I wanted us to be more financially and environmentally resilient to disaster because insurance companies will NEVER make you whole from such losses.
  • ….In April of 2012 I made a choice that rather than finding respite in what dreams may come, I chose to “take up arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, END them.”   There is a fascinating history that brought me to where we are today.
  • I hope I’m successful in creating the dream I have been painting for the past decade with the life I have been given.

Can you work 40 hours a week?

  • No,  I can’t.  It’s a “Catch 22.” Thanks to a drunk driver I have spine and brain damage.  When I started doing this volunteer “work” I could barely sit.  Without disability and medical insurance I  ABSOLUTELY would be dead.
  • Legal council has advised against pursing work unless I am confident I can sustain it.  Otherwise I will risk losing all resources to sustain myself.
  • I have a post disaster resiliency model, which helps others while earning passive rental income.  In that scenario I would be willing to risk losing my disability income by trying to work again, even if on a limited basis.

Why aren’t you out of your current home and ANYWHERE else, even the streets, if necessary?

  • Because of cognitive impairment, instability will reduce my capacity for problem solving.  I fear for my life to chose that path because I know my capacity.
  • Additionally, I have some complexities with my financial capacity that makes this transition difficult.  I don’t wish to discuss that here, but for simplicity of understanding, essentially I can’t pay for two places at the same time.