Write a Letter to The Ellen Show For Me

Ellen has been an inspiration for me since 2015 when an unusual event on her birthday led me to learn more about her.  Until that point all I knew was that she was famous for her advocacy of equal treatment regardless of sexual orientation.  I supported Proposition 8 very publicly in the early 2000s on principle, while Ellen nearly lost her career over it.

It is so profoundly sad when people are misjudged for how they look or how they act.  When people fail to understand and choose to judge, it creates fear or MUCH MUCH worse.

I faced that very problem because of  my inability to express myself as desired or for not having a home due to misfortune through my injuries.  Trying to work through brain injury and profound loss, while being cruelly judged for both and still prevail is difficult even for the strongest of character.

Like the Ellen family, I live in kindness and look for a ways to make the world a better place.  It is so fundamental to who I am.  Yet it is not obvious because I can’t socially engage with ease due to brain inflammation.

Simply trying to survive was never enough and not spiritually satisfying to aspire to.  While my vision of how to do so evolved since I lost everything in 2012, the desire to create more kindness, especially to those who need it most, never wavered.  In fact, I think it was my desire to pursue that which kept me alive.

So how can this story go, if Ellen and family offers to be a part of my journey and help me?

This is the farewell year of The Ellen Show which has a long history of creating laughter, elevating ideas and creating connections in the lives of millions of people.

It took a large crew of people committed to co-creating this experience.  It is hard to imagine this legacy ending and each of these people seeking a new path that diverges.  Yet this happens to so many people everyday and sharing a journey for as long as they did was remarkable.

So in this final year, it is a year of gratitude and celebration, and to ignite as many paths forward as possible toward the future for those touched by this united entity we know as “The Ellen Show.”

In my request to receive a donation from The Ellen Show, it was never about me personally, even though I yearned for comfort.  This was about elevating a selfless kindness to make the world a better place.

What I hope can happen this year with The Ellen Show:

  1. I would like to seek medical treatment and recovery ASAP and a generous gift can help make that possible.   I would LOVE to have recovered as much cognitive function as possible before her birthday on January 26th.
  2. I would like to see Ellen bring Brielle back to the show to teach people about how the immune system works and how to protect it.  The outline provided (HERE) which is part of my action plan is knowledge EVERY one should know from a young age.
  3. I would like to visit Ellen during her birthday week and mine.  (My birthday is 2/1.)  
    • I think they would find it interesting to see how I am presently with my medical status.  Then compare the change in energy and personality from the healing provided by a gift from them.
    • I co-created a birthday video for her a couple years ago and it seems so fitting to share it with the world in her birthday, during her farewell year. (We have permission from Prescilla Ahn’s manager to air this  song on TV.)

By fulfilling this wish to be empowered by Ellen,  I could regain a vibrant life and help others live their best life.

My long history of trying to pursue my dreams  while sick and not possessing stable housing demonstrates that I am deeply, spiritually committed to doing so.

There is a divinely inspired Jumanji story that gave me the courage for six years to boldly pursue connecting with Ellen,  and all she represents.  (That history is private for now because it’s deeply personal.)

I’d be IMMENSELY grateful if you would join me in helping make this dream possible by writing a letter to The Ellen Show.  The link below is to The Lisa Jarmon Fund.  It was created because The Ellen Show was inspired by Lisa’s genuine concern and kindness toward others. 

Lisa died of cancer in 2019.  I am less outgoing than Lisa, but I share her spirit of kindness.  I also believe since Lisa died of cancer, her babies need the wisdom I want to give to Ellen’s audience because it can help each of them live their best life.

Here is the place to submit your letter (Be sure to keep a copy for your records just in case you need it later or want to share it with me.)

Wishing you well,