Learn More About the Team Members of RVMatchMaker

It makes me so very happy to see the people thriving who shared my dream to help vulnerable people when they needed help the most.

Many of you know I gave every ounce of energy I had to a project called RVMatchMaker when COVID started because of my unique background in disaster relief. I desperately wanted it to be successful, in spite of my personal challenges. At its peak we had 9 wonderful interns and some talented technology providers that breathed life into this concept.

Dreammaker, Intern #4

This week I received a request for a reference check which I really enjoyed giving.    I truly cherished each person who participated in this project!!!

It looks like she is about to get her dream job as an event planner at the SF Botanical Gardens.   (This is a must visit destination while in SF!  Check it out here.)

She had significant event planning experience while in school and now that she is graduated, this is the palette she has to work with. I’m so excited for her!   I told her manager to give her lots of responsibility; she can handle it.  There are great things the manager has planned for her as the business grows. <3

I felt like putting this video here that she made for us. She has a great sense of rhythm and messaging with videos. One thing that set her apart from others is that when she created something for us, she always gave us options, instead of one solution.  I guess that is typical in wedding planning.  😉
Intern #4 made the video, but the voice over was done by Intern #2 from Pennsylvania. <3

Dreammaker #1 ~ Our Primary Technology Provider

SmartMatchApp was such a lucky find!  Not only are they really kind people that are a joy to work with, but they also created EXCELLENT software.

Their software is a highly customizable and affordable tool for matching people or products to solve problems or create relationships.

Historically, their product is based on matching applications for the dating industry.   However their product is so robust and can be used for just about any matching scenario you can imagine.

  1. Business – Provide matching introductions for partnerships and products
  2. Education – Match teachers and tutors with students
    Events – Match event attendees with educational and networking experiences
  3. Social – Match people for friendship, traveling, housing and volunteering
  4. Career – Match work opportunity with employees or trainees that have matching skills desired
  5. Associations – Match association members with referrals and member value propositions to increase engagement
  6. And much more…

The sky is the limit…  What problem do you want to solve?

This video below gives you a peek of what our software application looked like with them.  I loved them so much that this will not be the last time I will toot their horn.

If you like their product and want to explore using it, tell Tim Mourtazov at SmartMatchApp.com (LINK) that I referred you.  It will make him very, very happy. <3