I have a dream….

When people are judged negatively for how they look or how they act, it creates fear or MUCH MUCH worse.

I faced that very problem because injuries caused me to have an inability to express myself as desired. Not having a home due to misfortune through these injuries compounded the pain. Trying to work through brain injury and profound loss, while being cruelly judged for both and still prevail is difficult even for the strongest of character.

Simply trying to survive was never enough and not spiritually satisfying to aspire to. I lost health and home in 2012 and almost died. The insurance company involved had a choice and chose profit over my life. Rather than end my suffering, I chose to create a plan for a home resiliency model for disaster recovery, while relying less on insurance.

My vision of how to do this changed over time, when I began this effort in 2015 by learning from and helping in fire storm affected communities for 5 years.  My desire never wavered to do this or connect with powerful, kind souls who are dream makers at The Ellen Show. 

My commitment toward doing this was what kept me alive. It was a way to bury the pain and move forward with a purpose. In doing so, I hoped to find healing and leave an impact that improved the lives of others facing similar challenges.

Fast-forward to 2021, I’m flattened to the core. I moved into a mold infested home with active hidden water damage occurring. This is VERY dangerous for people with a compromised immune system.

My immune system was already severely damaged. I’m on a heart monitor now and I have very little physical strength. I know I can get better with help for medical and moving. All I have is the power of my voice and hard earned wisdom to survive this.   (This explains my choice for my current course of action.)

I am seeking help for moving and medical expenses which is about $50k.  I can show supporters the tests to verify these facts.

In meeting this request, I want to be able to help others with this hard earned wisdom which is why I created a proposal for a mini-series called “Community Immunity Booooosters.” I’m trying to meet you in supporting your needs for making payroll while partnering with sponsors for an innovative and valuable concept that has evergreen value beyond pixels in space.

I need to be clear my reason for doing this is about turning a painful experience into a gift for others, that makes the world a better place. It is my wish for the wisdom gained to ripple beyond us and our individual lives.

I hope the staff feels inspired to help me survive, thrive and spread kindness …. and to do so in Lisa Jarmon’s honor. I believe her babies need the wisdom I can offer about the immune system because statistically, like their mother, they have a higher than average risk of disease from environmental toxins. (This is why people of color have been more likely to get COVID as well.)

This is my dream for Season 19:

(1) I would be so grateful for a generous gift to seek medical treatment and recovery of at least $50k ASAP. I would LOVE to recover as much cognitive function as possible, as soon as possible. I would participate in a HISTORICAL multi-factorial trial for REVERSING cognitive decline. I want to show The Ellen Show and the world what is possible! This is my recovery action plan and budget.

(2) I would love to see The Ellen Show use their platform to create more resilient health and joy with a series called “Community Immunity BOOOOsters.” Through-out the year they can teach people about how the immune system works and how to protect it. (Via spoofs, games, and sponsors) Having the curiosity of a child to know HOW our organs work and how to support each organ is knowledge EVERY one should know from a young age. This is the link for daily health practices and how our organs detox.

It would be amazing to visit Ellen after significant recovery during her birthday week and mine to demonstrate the impact of their gift. (My birthday is 2/1.) I co-created a birthday video for her a couple years ago and it seems so fitting to share it with the world on her birthday during her farewell year.

This sweet little girl was a cherished guest of The Ellen Show, She died of cancer. Did she have environmental risk factors? I think so. (Will discuss privately if asked.)

As Maya Angelou said so angelically, when I go on the stage, I am never alone.  Anyone who has ever been kind to me, dead or alive, goes with me onto that stage.

Then she sang…
When it looked like the sun waddn’t gonna shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the clouds.

You empower people to be a rainbow in someone else’s clouds.
(Your source of pain can become a force for good, if you will it to be so.)

(Link of Maya from OWN works, but has an unusual cover image.)