My future depends on kind people like you.

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To those that have expressed interest in helping, thank you!

To those that have offered help, THANK YOU!!!  Your action no matter great or small is what is keeping me alive and hopeful I can survive yet another hard blow to my vitality.

I moved into my current home on February 5th 2021.  I was preparing to have surgery this month (June) to remove fibroid tumors the size of a 2 liter coke bottle. This is causing impaired lung function.

Instead of moving into a home where I can improve my health, it is in fact destabilizing my immune system and causing enormous physical and financial stress.

I will have significant expenses on the road to recovery. These are my expenses to date:

  • $1,600 Temporary Housing.  Stayed in hotel after A/C was serviced.  It spewed biotoxins throughout my home and I was immediately sick from it. (I now sleep on my patio outside or on the couch in my living room until I can move out.)
  • $1,800 Environmental Air and Dust Sampling
  • $ 800 Medical Sampling and Treatment (Expected to be at least $2,000) (Started by purchasing 2 books, joining an online medical community and buying a quality air filter.)
  • $ 350 Remediation / Elimination of Personal Items to Avoid Cross Contamination (Purchased 180 boxes and obtained a storage facility for items I might be able to save) (Losses expected in the tens of thousands.)


I developed peripheral neuropathy immediately after moving in. That means I lost circulation in my finger tips and had numbness that lasted for a couple weeks. There are other important symptoms such as problems regulating body temperature, brain fog and migraines.

I just learned that one of my neighbors who lived here a long time has trigeminal nerve and wandering joint pain.  These are serious symptoms of symptoms of long term mold exposure.

Due my environmental test results, I have to throw away half of what I own to reduce the spore count in my living environment. At a minimum it will be all of my books and files, any dry cleaning items, leather goods, bare wood items, as well as my bed and sofa.

My next step will be to have medical lab tests done to correlate what is in my home with what is in my body so I can seek appropriate treatment to recover…. and of course MOVE OUT.

Any love or donations offered will be deeply appreciated.
Donate thru my Pay Pal link
My future depends on kind people like you.

Photo from 2018 Campfire. I have volunteered in previous firestorm recovery efforts, which also affects the resiliency of my lungs. (Obviously I won’t be doing that anymore.)

Building Resilience (Financially and Environmentally)