Not Giving Up on Divine Inspiration (Timeline)

This timeline explains why divine inspiration encouraged me to seek the support of Ellen DeGeneres and her team to support my dreams for a kinder world. How I defined my dream that I wished to achieve evolved as my experiences unfolded, as described below.


In addition to a brain and back injury caused by a drunk driver, I lost my home to a fire when I was unable to walk, make my own food and could barely shower myself.  I was in hell and UNBELIEVABLY close to ending my life.   Robin Williams and his film “What Dreams May Come” is WHY I am still here.

Instead of shuffling off this mortal coil and seeking eternal slumber, I dared to take up arms against a sea of troubles, thus by opposing, end them.  (Hamlet 1603 ~ The source of the name for the movie, What Dreams May Come.)

The day that I made that choice between life and death, I bought the website,   My very first piece of content was the song “I Hope You Dance” (This detail has significance later when I visited the inside of Ellen’s studio in 2017.)

It took 3 years to emerge from that deeply difficult experience.

Small song snippet below:


In January of 2015, the connection with Ellen started when I Celebration of Robin William’s life and legacy on Global Laugh DayTil that point people mourned his death deeply and I suggested that we celebrate his life with laughter.  (If you want to pause for a great laugh see his sketch with Billy.)  That’s when I started recounting the story of Jumanji, line by line.  (Thousands of slides)

That's when I started recounting the story of Jumanji. This story is not anything I could have created from my own mind.  I followed divine inspiration and let it unfold.  Truly truly incredible stuff! (LINK)

There’s a lot more to this story.  For brevity I will say that I took a hit with my online reputation for defending against cyber-bullying.  The story is only available only to people directly impacted by this bullying.  There were verbal threats to this person’s life that was devastating to witness when in fact that person deserved intense love and tenderness.

Then in September of 2015 I volunteered after the ValleyFire so I could learn lessons from other fire survivors.  It was the first California mega firestorm in 25 years.

That firestorm was when I began to fulfill the promise I made to myself in 2012 to take up arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them instead of taking my life. — >  I knew with every fiber of my being that we could help people be more resilient after losing their home in a disaster.

I had no idea every year after that, the number of homes destroyed in firestorms would continue to be of epic proportions.


In November of 2016, following divine guidance I contacted The Ellen Show and shared my first binder with ideas for a home resiliency model. Why I sent such a chunky thing to their office, I don’t know, but I did. I guess I wanted to make my dream known as more than a wish, and that I was really trying.

At that point I had volunteered in two major firestorm recovery efforts. I was trying to figure out what the dream was that I was painting when I chose life. The goal is to create more opportunity for resiliency to disasters for survivors, while relying less on insurance companies.


I had two trips to LA that year to seek connection with Ellen.

My first visit to LA was in April 2017. I wanted to get riff raff tickets to see a show taping, but I didn’t try. I became sick during this visit with brain fog caused by my reaction to increasing temperatures and brain inflammation, so I just did a tour of the studio.

I did not have enough self-awareness at that time to communicate to anyone that I was experiencing brain fog or why.  I had lots of fun anyhow.  Before I left I created some art for Ellen and friends a few blocks from the studio.    It wasn’t pre-meditated. I just followed spirit and had fun with it!

Then in October, I was on the east coast at a Chalk Festival when I got an email from the County of Sonoma asking if we would try to offer RVs like we did for the Valley Fire.   The Tubbs Fire was epic.  Over 5,000 homes destroyed.   —  I was not really wanting to volunteer for health reasons, but I couldn’t say no.  There was a lot of twists and turns in that journey.  One fun experience I had was donating an RV to a family with triplets.

The Thomas Fire started during this donation event.  Given my deep interest in this experience for Ellen and of her team, I went to LA.    We had a couple RVs being offered in that region, so I thought I’d try to help.

I ultimately decided not to volunteer there, but I went up into the steep mountains above Montecito days before the mudslides and received valuable lessons from people whose homes survived the fires up there.  —- And that is the WHOLE point of my volunteer advocacy:  so we can learn rebuild more resiliently!


The next trip to LA was in January 2018 after the ThomasFire mudslides. I went to Oprah’s house (Well actually, I could see her yard from where I was.) There was this tree I found on the street parallel to her home with this tribute to the Monty Python skit “It’s only a flesh wound.”

When my home was destroyed in 2012, I was so desperately handicapped and the obstacles to my dream seemed as insurmountable as the black knight. I found this art installation incredibly endearing. Laughter heals in even the most difficult situations. In fact that is when laughter is needed the MOST.

For context the entire left side of Oprah’s property had an entire street lined with houses that were destroyed.  Several feet of mud buried the street and boulders the size of semi-trucks plowed into the sides of houses.

A few hundred feet down the road from that tree is another interesting one called the Whisper Tree. I drank some tequila, left an art installation and talked to the tree, then dropped off this plaque at Ellen’s studio.

(Side note, I think Ellen’s house where she shared a fence line with Oprah was in between these 2 trees.  Some elements of this story consistently make my heart skip a beat if I get to thinking about it too much.)

I returned in March of 2018 to the Whisper Tree where I made this video which is a prayer for help to create my dream for a disaster resilient home, while relying less on insurance for a full recovery.

You can start to see evidence of my health declining. At that time I was completely unaware that it was more than just lung irritation.

Maybe I’m a ding dong for trying to do this home resiliency model for disasters, but I made a promise to myself when I chose not to suicide in 2012 that I would find a way to help people be more resilient when losing their home in a disaster.  (More about the DISASTER RESILIENCY MODEL here.)


I was in L.A. briefly and made this chalk drawing on the steps of Ellen’s filming studio. It gave me joy to do this, but I remember how weak I was when speaking to the security guard before I left.   I haven’t returned since then.

This drawing is based on a painted stool I saw next to Ellen’s dressing table in 2017.  This is where she pauses everyday before she goes out on stage and gives herself to so many people.

It turns out, based on medical reports for toxins, chronic toxic exposures result in excessive production of estrogen that can result in tumors like what I have. I did not understand why I was sick with brain inflammation for so many years, and finally discovered why in 2021.


2020 was not a great year for a lot of people, including Ellen who endured bullying of epic proportions that summer. I didn’t have the energy to share my support when it happened about my research findings. #IStandbyEllen. It was an orchestrated effort by people, some of whom appeared to have business in Panama, as shown by the website registration.

I think they did as The Ellen Show has done to elevate it’s own popularity by connecting with trending topics or celebrities, the hi-jackers used her celebrity reach for their own personal gain. This also appeared to be a grand experimentation on manipulating public opinion that will likely be used for other purposes in the future.

Ellen isn’t perfect. No one is. Few people will ever understand how difficult and complex it has been to maintain that platform. I applaud her dealing with the pressure and standing-up year after year.  ~ For all the laughs and great memories, I’m sure it was totally worth it!

Deja vu… Part 2.

It was not possible for me to watch The Ellen Show in 2020.  The rumor mill had absolutely nothing to do with that choice. When COVID happened, in spite of being quite sick and not having stable housing, I wanted to take what I learned about crowd sourced RVs to provide isolation housing to frontline workers. I got so close to creating a scalable platform with some very talented people with affordable insurance (a huge issue to others trying to do this). Unfortunately I was too sick to make it to the finish line, but what was created could still be used in the future. (Learn more about that effort here.)


My precious dream to create a home resiliency model for disasters, while relying less on insurance seems like a distant wish.

I am now dangerously sick due to living in a very toxic home infested by mold. (See testing report: Home. Body.  Link  coming soon.) My physical impairment makes surviving this extremely difficult.

When I lost my home to a fire, I visited dozens of doctors all over the country to seek answers.  I’m super sick again, but this time I’m NOT stupid enough to believe our traditional medical system will help me. I researched immune system inflammation deeply with over 70 doctors who do NOT work for insurance companies and made an action plan.

This protocol is based on an upcoming clinical trial to reverse Alzheimers and other inflammatory diseases this will have HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE. I’d love to prove with your support that my action plan works and can help thousands of people. (See support letters for details.   Link  coming soon.)

I dare ANYONE to dream with me that chronic inflammatory illness can be cured, whether it is long COVID, cancer or Alzheimers. With proper education, better choices can be made while wasting less time seeking medical advice.

What happens next?

This is the farewell year of The Ellen Show which has been a long term relationship with millions of people where they created laughter, elevated ideas and created connections for millions of people.

This is their last year to create MORE positive ripples with a lasting impact using this platform before their paths diverge. — They can try things you never tried and it’s gonna get kinky. Just don’t take Ellen’s medical advice. However Brielle’s medical advice is definitely worth listening to. (Insider joke)

I had a big dream to help disaster survivors that was hard to achieve. I had no idea that I’d possibly become a health advocate for the prevention of serious diseases caused by environmental toxins and inflammation…. but here we are and this is where my story stands.

So now… my court date is pending.


Divine inspiration defies explanation.  ~ Let’s turn a bad situation into something amazing.


  1. Asking for help for recovery and to help others have stronger immune systems
  2. My action plan to demonstrate disease from chronic inflammation is reversible:
  3. My dream that I gave the last 6 years of my life for: