Daily detox ideas for all. (Hint: We ALL carry toxins.)

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Our immune systems carry and eliminate toxins from our environment 24 hours a day. Our ability to eliminate or tolerate toxins changes with time and our life experiences. If you keep your body strong by making good choices over lifetime, you can have more bounce, energy and joy.

From mold in our homes, the fumes from the products we inhale or put on our bodies, to eating too much sugar, or physical injuries, these all weaken our immune system which causes inflammation and leads to life threatening diseases over time.

Your goal is to learn how to STOP inflammation,
no matter the source.
(And NOT use drugs to do it!)

Good health is your greatest gift of all. Each health choice you make every day is an act of love for yourself and the people around you to have your best life possible, TOGETHER.

Imagine that your whole body is like this bucket below. There is a limited capacity on how fast you can eliminate toxins. Avoid adding stuff to your bucket and get it out as fast as you can. The more you do to support that process with each body part and process, the healthier you will be at any age.

You are invited with the curiosity of a child to consider understanding how each body part presented works and how to support it. Try to include something from every category below.

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  1. Reduce Or Avoid Toxic Burdens from Mold, Chemicals and EMF
  2. Evaluating Your Body and Home to Optimize Your Health
  3. Cleaning and Keeping Your Home Healthy
  4. Support Essential Body Systems For Detox

This information should be taken as EDUCATIONAL and not medical advice. Please consult with a physician who knows you prior to making significant changes to your healthcare, especially if on meds, have a history of heart/kidney/liver issues or are pregnant.