Newsletter September 26th, 2020

Our goal is to offer you joy and help create positive feelings of resilience and connection with others during this very stressful time.

Since there was a lot to cover, I split the resiliency info into 4 pages:

  1. How to have lots of fun and be safe this Halloween (CLICK HERE)
  2. How you can help frontline workers and their communities (CLICK HERE)
  3. How wildfire smoke affects your lungs. (Please protect yourself!) (CLICK HERE)
  4. How to Vote in 2020 ~ Good luck!  (CLICK HERE)
Thank you for your kind words and feedback. I’m grateful to hear that this newsletter is received in the spirit intended.
Newsletters are only sent when there is valuable resiliency news to offer.  If you have news ideas you want covered or ideas to share that increase community resiliency and joy, please share!

Stay well and wonderful!

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Building Resilience (Financially and Environmentally)