The Action Plan for Recovery

This page covers

  1. Overview of my plan and budget.  For moving and medical recovery.
  2. Improving daily health habits.  This is wisdom everyone can benefit from. It is important to note that this treatment is also a protocol for treating someone with Long COVID or any other disease that involves chronic inflammation.
  3. Visual proof of benefit of this plan.  Before and after imaging is recommended to demonstrate the value of these actions, but is not required for treatment.

Overview of the plan and budget.  (For moving and medical recovery.)

Overall the one year budget for moving and medical is approximately $53,000. The plan is to move directly to my permanent replacement home, since temporary housing in my condition would increase the stress of managing this transition.  Then begin medical treatment.

The budget is as follows:

  1. The home and medical recovery expenses prior to moving are $35,000.  Dealing with the current home and moving to a new safer environment.  (2/3 of this phase of the budget is inventory of items damaged.  Need a bed and sofa at a minimum.  1/3 of budget is for medical, environmental testing, labor for moving, storage for books and papers for items for 1 year, and storage pod that is going to destination. 130 boxes already packed.)
  2. BEFORE MOVE OUT AND FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE: Improving health habits for detoxification.  ~ Wisdom everyone can benefit from (LINK)
  3. The medical recovery plan AFTER moving.   All the following are ADDITIONAL activities to support the body’s natural ability to heal, open detox pathways, liberate toxins from fat, bind and eliminate them. Doing this before getting out of mold can cause more medical damage because the paths for detoxing are overwhelmed and dysfunctional.  This is especially true if there is evidence of mitochondrial damage.)
    • Phase 1 (Prepare for Detox) $11,750  (Home exercise and hyper-oxygenation system, infrared spa, labs, supplements/medication, professional fees, and brain retraining.)
    • Phase 2 (Begin Detox) $7,500 (Begin treatment to liberate and bind toxins for excretion and IV drips for elimination and nutrient support.)
    • Phase 3 (More Advanced Detox Options) $5,000 (Begin Bredesen diet to stimulate lipid replacement and coffee enemas for enhanced elimination. Requires medical supervision.  3/4 of expenses is for this category is for removal of mercury dental fillings using the SMART method.)
    • Phase 4 (Repair and Optimization) $0?  After infections and toxins are clear, some doctors treat sinuses to repair hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis  with peptides, and evaluate if hormone replacement therapy is needed.  I hear this feels amazing after living with a chronic illness, but I’m not feeling compelled to do this.  I’d rather trust in my body to heal itself after removing offending sources to the immune system.  However, I will leave it open for consideration.
    • Phase 5 (Fibroid removal surgery)  Covered by insurance Finally I can get the fibroids tumor out of my belly.  It will increase my lung capacity and I won’t have to worry about them turning cancerous.

When the infections and toxins are cleared at the end of Phase 3,  I can reintroduce or eliminate valued items from the moldy home that are in storage.  I will still have some expenses after this for labs and meds, but it will be within my means to sustain, unless I need/want IV treatment.

I’ve been living for years with impaired ability to engage, emotionally and mentally.   I anticipate wanting to be ALOT more socially engaged because I won’t  be waking up in pain anymore or have brain fog.

I can’t wait to see if I will be able to handle heat normally again without the risk of heat stroke.  THAT would make my summers soooooo much more joyful!!!

Improving daily health habits.  This is wisdom everyone can benefit from.

I have created a separate landing page for this topic (LINK).   These ideas are part of my medical plan prior to moving.  These are also basics I invite you to consider as part of an on-going personal health practice that can help you actively detox as a way of life.

Visual proof of benefit of this plan.  Before and after imaging is recommended.

Toxins accumulate in fatty tissues.  The picture below is visual evidence of a hidden disease.  This picture shows you the flare of toxins in my fatty tissue while I was packing and sorting possessions I have to throw away.  (Note Home Depot moving box behind me.)

My cognitive tests, visual contrast sensitivity and labs all show abnormal results which is helpful for people to know there is a real PHYSICAL problem.  HOWEVER, visual proof, like what you see below of clinical improvement after treatment can be powerful in telling a story.

This (LINK) is an imaging study done at Stanford. They did a before and after study using radioactive SPECT imaging. It shows the impact of treatment with Hyper-Baric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).  I propose using LiveO2 oxygenation therapy.  It is superior terms of long term health benefits and is more cost effective.)

Here’s another version of before and after using the same imaging technology:

Essentially these images are a change in perfusion of blood flow before and after treatment.  There is another type of brain study possible, which is the study of the perfusion of amyloid plaques in the brain.  (A very serious precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.)  Each imaging study is about $5,000 and I could shop it to bring cost down.

An important note about doing this is that, I'd rather no one had to inject radioactive material into their blood stream for an imaging study.  If I didn't want to prove the efficacy of this treatment plan to others, I definitely would not do it.  --- ===BUT=== this is a sacrifice I'm willing to do for the greater good to take the information presented more seriously.

Imaging won’t change my treatment plan, but demonstrating the benefits of the proposed treatment to others is VERY significant:

  1. Demonstrates the potential for improvement in chronic inflammatory disease, which is a powerful tool to facilitate positive action for doctors and patients.  (There is an assumption among many that our current medical paradigm with untreated chronic inflammation resulting in many types of disease states will bankrupt Medicare.)  (Let’s get away from the reductionist diagnosis / pill paradigm.)
  2. Helps others understand there is real impairment caused by a HIDDEN PHYSICAL medical condition. (Reduces social suffering from judgement and facilitate compassion!!!!  This is so desperately needed.)
It is my deepest wish that by sharing my story and how I healed from toxins, that I can show other people that there is a path to recovery from chronic inflammation.  And the sooner they do so, the better the long term outcome. 

Of note, statistically it has been determined that people of color are more adversely impacted by environmental toxins.  I believe this has NOTHING to do with access to medical treatment, but like everyone else, it is their environment and lifestyle choices.  With limited economic means AND lack of education, this demographic seems statistically more likely to continue to be adversely affected.  (Proof of assertion here.)

The story below is like mine, but my story is MUCH more difficult in terms of challenges faced.   In addition to a brain and back injury caused by a drunk driver, I lost my home to a fire when I could not walk, then in the years that followed I had significant toxic exposure from volunteering after firestorms.  I didn’t think the toxins were more than an irritant until my immune system finally had enough….  because I moved into a water damaged building with VERY significant mold that was hidden.

— Honestly, I’m surprised I’m still here.

100% recovery may not be likely, but a very, very significant improvement is ABSOLUTELY possible!  By having love and support of people in this journey and helping others by sharing my experience, it gives me reason to live with purpose and hopefully find energetic joy again.

I hope this short video gives you an idea of what living with mild cognitive impairment feels like.