Following the Campfire of 2018, the most destructive fire in California history, we are partnering with building creators to forge a path forward for other owner-builders and craftspeople to create one of the healthiest, most resource efficient and disaster resilient homes possible.

This website will be the virtual home for our build project and will feature very important measures of success for building resiliently, environmentally and financially.  We will go far beyond code.

The proposed home will not be built with these materials for environmental reasons, but this is the home that started my quest for better built homes.

(I have a business plan and the intent to help thousands of people with the goals of the project.  As of March 2019, this project was put on hold.  I am currently working on an RV crowdsourcing project for COVID19 front line workers.  Thank you for your interest.  For questions, I may be reached here.)

Building Resilience (Financially and Environmentally)