COVID changed EVERYTHING.   This statement below is a look at where my life energy was and where it is now…

Prior to COVID I was working on a model for resiliency that benefited homeowners and the surrounding community by optimizing economic resources and building better.

Based on my experience from multiple firestorms, including the Campfire of 2018, I was forging a path forward to develop a property near Paradise that would feature a resiliency model for future firestorm survivors.

I was deeply committed to making this happen, even with limited resources.  I had reviewed the plan with a bank and architect and was within range of the possibility.

Members of the community, some of whom were rebuilding, met regularly at this property to discuss how to scale ideas like I was proposing to the larger community and learn from each other.

Imagine a home that has walls that are fire resilient, energy efficient, mold free and sequesters carbon.   Amazing and it absolutely can be done! 

It was my goal for anyone with a home like this to get preferred financing and insurance and to waive the fire sprinkler requirement, based on a special loophole in the law for buildings like this.  Big goals, but worthy and there was a strong possibility of achieving that.

This wasn’t just a dream… I worked very hard on moving this forward.  Because of COVID all action stopped in March of 2020, but I still hold this dream which began after seeing this home below survive the ValleyFire of 2015.
The proposed home would not be built with these materials for environmental reasons, but this is the home that inspired quest for what is the optimal solution for firestorm recovery.

Now life has evolved and I no longer live on that sub-dividable property.  I can’t pursue any dreams right now because I’m very sick from environmental toxins. 

All I have is the power of my voice and some really good hard earned wisdom worth sharing that can help people toward living the best life they are capable of.

And I hope by sharing the gifts I am capable of offering, I may receive assistance to thrive again.    Learn more here.